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From Texas To the Delta - Learn The Fingerstyle Acoustic Blues Guitar Styles Of the Classic Blues Men

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Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons Online - Jim Bruce      

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The Teachable platform is the perfect place for acoustic blues guitar lessons online. From slow Delta blues guitar lessons to fast ragtime acoustic blues guitar licks, the format gives the student plenty of opportunity to practice and review lessons, plus there's life-time access!

The main pack of online blues lessons called 'From Texas To The Delta', isn't really a course in technique, demonstrating blues licks on guitar, for example. Nor does it contain acoustic blues guitar lessons for beginners, although some of the lessons are doable for a guitarist with basic finger-picking skills.

Texas To The Delta Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons Online on Teachable
Texas To The Delta should really be approached as a resource of 40 lessons that demonstrate all fingerstyle patterns of every acoustic blues style. Jim has mails from people all over the world who tell him that this pack was the foundation for their studies which eventually led them to a professional musical career, a very pleasing result, as it's his passion to spread the blues.

"I've tried to ensure that this Teachable school features the best online blues guitar lessons available by including everything I know after a playing career spanning 45 years. But experience, even though necessary, isn't all that's needed to effectively teach guitar. The blues is much more than a collection of catchy acoustic guitar licks or a chord progression in E or A. From the slow blues to ragtime, the feeling is ultra-important.

The feeling of the blues comes from the heart, through the fingers, to the ears of the listener. The best acoustic blues guitar lessons show those tiny movements of both hands that make a particular sound of a style or artist. Once the student understands how these small movements produce a variety of sounds, not just notes, then he can adapt them into his own sound. This is how the genre is spread and continues without diluting the quality."

Blues guitar lessons for intermediate guitarists interested in acoustic styles can of course be found for free. Youtube has hundreds of them. Some are excellent quality and some are not, and it's often worth the trouble sifting through them to find the gems. The biggest thing to watch for when learning acoustic blues guitar songs is that the teacher hasn't diluted the style or picking pattern.

This is common, if the teacher can't actually play the style competently, or if he's in a hurry! For this reason, it's best to choose a teacher who has played at a professional level - there's nothing like playing in front of people to hone those guitar playing skills! Many online guitar lessons seem to be made by reasonably good players, but are often little more than a selection of easy blues licks for beginners.

Skip James - Mississippi Acoustic Blues Guitarist
There's nothing wrong with that, by the way. We not disparage the efforts of others, but emphasising that the aim of these lessons is to deliver the very core of the roots of the blues in an undiluted form that will allow you to transform your picking into something very special.

Acoustic blues music is where it all began - jazz, bebop, the big band sound, rock and pop. It's all there in those old rhythms. Listen to a boogie in open D tuning, or slow acoustic Texas blues and you can hear the boogie beat behind John Travolta dancing to the music of the Beegees.

The whining train whistle of a blues in E or the bottleneck sound in open G tuning evokes the saxophone that was to become the star of later years. The acoustic blues artists laid the groundwork for a huge amount of music we play and listen to today, just listen to any blues compilation and you'll get the idea.

You'll find lessons explaining open tunings, Delta blues acoustic guitar lessons, ragtime, Texas blues, the swing blues on Big Bill Broonzy and many more on my Teachable school. Slow acoustic Delta blues are a great place to start, as the bass patterns tend to be monotonic (also known as 'dead bass'). All the best blues guitar songs and artists are here - dive in and feel the water!

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