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Blues Chord Progressions

Blues Chord Progression in E - The Roots Of The Blues It's probable that the first blues guitar chords were not even in standard tuning, given the first tentative attempts to make music were almost certainly tried on home made instruments with less than six strings. Of course, the typical...


Which Is The Best Key For Learning To Play The Blues?

‘Which is the best key for blues guitar?’ It's a very common question for beginners and intermediate players alike. The answer to this question depends on two things. First of all, what level are you at? If you are a beginner, then obviously you want to stick to more simple chord structures....


Who is the best fingerstyle guitarist in the world?

Notice that the title doesn't ask 'who is the best blues guitarist', or the 'best acoustic guitarist', but 'fingerstyle guitarist'. I've adapted this because, of course, I'm a fingerstyle Blues guitarist and I also play an acoustic guitar, so obviously I'm biased. This is an important question,...


The Easiest Blues Acoustic Guitar Songs To Learn For The Intermediate Fingerstyle Guitarist

I've been creating lessons for some years now and some of my courses are quite big. For example, my main course from 'Texas to the Delta' contains 40 lessons. Inevitably, people ask me which are the easiest lessons, which are the easiest videos to watch, and the easiest guitar styles to...


Beginning Fingerstyle Guitar - Picks Or Bare Fingers?

Audio File Choosing Bare Fingers Or Finger-Picks For Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Begins with [Music clip] Guitar Rag. Hi - I just played a small part of Guitar Rag by Chet Atkins. You'll notice when I played this piece that I just use bare fingers and a bare thumb to finger-pick...


Learning Fingerstyle Acoustic Blues With Jim Bruce On Teachable

As this is the very first post on my new blog, it's a great to talk about the lessons you'll find on the platform. I've been doing this for several years, and of course I've got a presence on Youtube, Udemy, Linkdin, Twitter and all the other usual suspects. However, none of these other...